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"Absolutely amazing. Break that script. Pride. Try something new. Out of the box!! Brave. Catch people at their best. Insight!! Aha!! New approaches. Don’t be Blockbuster. Don’t be Kodak. Stretch. Connection. Graffiti Wall!! Nothing that’s relevant happens in the comfort zone. Super inspiring! A great opening that encouraged us to be more insightful and to stretch farther than our comfort zone!"

"Great reminders to not miss out on using the power of story and to find ways to connect people to the content in the ways they will be using it. Also, don’t miss out on giving your learners examples of the real thing rather than just explaining things to them. Actually hearing different voices with different accents could never have been trained by explaining accents to the learners."

"As a university instructor, this project is close to my heart. I appreciated the discussion of the process, focusing on the time devoted to visioning, planning and developing."

"I WANT I-BEACONS!!! This presentation explored applications to the learning environment and process that would certainly engage and captivate students. I cannot wait to try this with my students!"

"If we could bottle Juliette’s energy and tenacity to eradicate boring learning I have no doubt we could train the world and eliminate the need for fossil fuels."

"Interesting and good information on what questions to ask, so your course can appeal to the different learning types and be a better learning experience."

"This was an excellent workshop. We created a space ship called Staff Trek where we traveled to different worlds with forced collaboration to practice our customer service skills."

"I can’t wait to read more from Hadiya! I enjoyed learning about the DARE concept. I hadn’t thought about getting deeper into character backgrounds when writing narratives. Thank you so much for sharing your insight!"

"Absolutely incredible concept. Understanding the theory behind the uncanny valley truly helped me understand some of the psychological components behind products and ideas acceptance."

"I was fascinated by the depth and breadth of the Throwdown submissions. Some of them were very serious, others lighthearted. The production value of a couple were nothing short of amazing. At the same time, others made me feel that I could make something similar."

"Jonathan’s presentations led us to think about how the traditional teaching methods are not based on the natural way of learning, but rather on rigid methods. Learning occurs naturally when we have the freedom to play and explore around a topic, and when we are able to satisfy our psychological motivations during the learning activities."

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The only conference exclusively for the design and application of Gamification for corporate training, adult learning, employee motivation and productivity, innovation, and culture change.

This is the Gamification Event of 2019 for business leaders, training directors, instructional designers, trainers, facilitators, project managers, and adult educators looking to learn more about effective gamification design and delivery.

Headlined by the world’s leading gamification strategists, researchers, and solution providers this event will bring together individuals and organizations who seek to create engagement and productive outcomes with gamification.

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Space is limited for the International Conference for the Gamification of Learning and Development. We urge you to act now to save your seat!