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Juliette Denny


Managing Director,
Growth Engineering

Juliette is the Ideologist in Chief (AKA Managing Director) at Growth Engineering, and her unwavering mission is to wage war on dull online learning! She is a pioneer and expert in applying gamification and social functionality to online learning. Speak with Juliette about her unrivaled passion for learner engagement, which leaves audiences inspired and electrified.

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Douglas Wallace


President and Founder,
Thinking Cap

Guiding the evolution of the Thinking Cap LMS and authoring systems, his ability to think in systems helps Douglas drive the development of new product features, processes and optimization. His direction for the LMS has made it possible to deliver complex, yet highly engaging training programs for everything from prenatal care for first time parents to continuing education for professional development. Speak with Douglas about his vision for creating an immersive learning experience.

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Isobel Wallace


General Manager,
Thinking Cap

Specializing in process and user experience, Isobel works with customers to onboard their training programs into the Thinking Cap LMS. She provides valuable insights and expertise on the delivery of unique and engaging training programs for associations like APTA, corporations like Amazon, and non-profit organizations like the British Council. Speak with Isobel about how to achieve 100% completion rates on your training and how to make it as engaging, and dare we say…fun, as possible!

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Bernardo Letayf


Evil Mind Behind the Operations

BLUErabbit Gamification of Education

BLUErabbit is a gamification platform for training and education that leverages from the use of learning styles and player style information to improve player learning and engagement.  It uses several game mechanics to enhance education and improve the learning environments  The platform can be used also to manage professional projects.

GamiCon has once again selected Bernardo Letayf and BLUErabbit as the Engagement App for #gamicon2k19. Check out the amazing engagement results from GamiCon18.

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James Bishop


Managing Director

Koru Consulting Limited (HK) 

Koru Consulting is an organization dedicated to creating dynamic learning interventions, especially for leadership teams. Based in Hong Kong but operating throughout Asia. 

The “Koru” is a symbol used extensively in Maori culture. It is a 'spiral'​, based on the shape of a new unfurling silver fern frond and symbolizing new life, growth, strength and peace.

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Jimbo Clark




innoGreat helps their clients to achieve  breakthrough results by providing meaningful, memorable and magical learning experiences.  Through a unique mix of Accelerated Learning techniques, exploratory games, activities and  simulations, and facilitation techniques, innoGreat leads their clients to tap the wisdom of the group.  

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Rob Hambleton



Soul Canyon Training and Development

Soul Canyon Training & Development offers training, consulting, coaching and facilitation. We offera number of topics in the areas of Sales & Customer Service, Communication, Stress Management,Goal Setting and others. 

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Mary Hambleton


Co-Founder and CEO,

Soul Canyon Training and Development

Soul Canyon Training & Development offers team building, consulting and business development services that are customized for any time slot or budget.
"Fun with a Purpose", is their motto.
Their family & youth programs are specially designed to help enrich the relationships with the people you love or would like to love more. 

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John Chen


Give customers a reason to do business with you.

John Martin


CEO & Co-Founder


BundlAR provides custom augmented reality application development, consulting, and marketing services. Their proprietary API "bundles" AR experiences. This allows a single custom app to deliver an unlimited number of AR experiences to users, while limiting memory use on a mobile device. BundlAR is ideal for training, trade shows & live events, print & digital media, signage, museum exhibits, and AR guided tours.

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There is no dull and boring here! From the opening party to the Closing Keynote, the GamiCon conference is rich with gamification and  strategic networking experiences.

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