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A showcase of low-tech, no-tech, and technology-based gamification of learning projects with a special focus on not just the projects themselves but also the results they’ve produced. This fun and social event gives GamiCon participants the opportunity to see a variety of projects and talk with the designers and developers, about the strategies, tools, and processes used to build them. 

Participants in the Throwdown Challenge will showcase their projects to all GamiCon attendees on Monday, September 16, 2019.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday Evening, September 17, 2019, at the GamiCon Throwdown Awards Celebration and Party.  


The GamiCon Gamification Project Throwdown Awards recognize excellence in gamification strategy design and implementation in the L&D, HR, and Adult Education Community. 

All entries are  judged on creativity, innovation and overall effective use of gamification in L&D, HR, or Adult Education. Winners are selected by a panel of Gamification Master Craftsman and recognized L&D experts. 

Categories of evaluation are:

  • Excellence in No-Tech or  Low-Tech Gamification Design
  • Excellence in eLearning or Web-Based Gamification Design
  • Best Use of Narrative in Gamification Design
  • Best Use of Surprise and Delight in Gamification Design
  • Overall Outstanding Use of Gamification for Learning

2019 Throwdown Finalists

Amanda Schuster


Project Name:  The Adventure of Alice at the Hospital: Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention (HAIP)

 Healthcare Associated Infections, like SSI CLABSI, CAUTI, and CDI, are preventable infections that can occur while a patient is visiting a medical facility. Teaching caregivers on how to prevent these infections from spreading to patients, other caregivers, or themselves is a top priority for all medical centers. The goal of this instructional program is to teach caregivers on the best prevention methods to decrease the amount of these infections from occurring.  

About Amanda:  Amanda Schuster is a passionate, enthusiastic, and innovative professional with extensive experience in healthcare, adult education, and simulation. Currently, she works as an Instructional Designer at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA, where she is integrating gamification techniques into her course designs for a multiple of learners across seven hospitals. She has earned her Gamification Apprentice and Journeyman certifications with plans to complete the Gamification Master Craftsman certification in 2020. She earned her Masters of Arts degree in the field of Instructional Design and Technology with a focus on Instructional Systems.  

Dr. Ramiro de la Rosa


Project Name:  Gamify the Learning Experience

Ramiro applied gamification elements and principles of good design into a fully online undergraduate Leadership Studies course, and saw Student Participation Levels increase from 77% to 92%. 

About Ramiro:  Dr. Ramiro de la Rosa is the Associate Director for Research Innovation, Center for Online Learning and Teaching Technology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. In addition, Dr. de la Rosa is an adjunct professor for the Leadership Studies Undergraduate Minor at UTRGV. Dr. de la Rosa holds a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, a Master of Education in Instructional Technology, and a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree. He has 19 years of experience in the field of Distance Education. 

Sharon Goza


Project Name:  NASA Anti-Harassment Virtual Training Application

This gamified application seeks to engage the workforce on harassment issues and how to handle them per NASA directives. The application does so through the use of narrative and immersive 3D graphics. The application is also designed to be fully 508 compliant and provide a rich experience for a visually impaired learner as well as a sighted learner. 

About Sharon:  Sharon Goza started her career at NASA Johnson Space Center visualizing designs for the International Space Station with line drawings.  Now she is the manager of a graphics lab at NASA Johnson Space Center and brings NASA’s programs and training to life with realistic quality. She has produced several award winning educational applications and games as well as multiple internal products. Sharon is a published Science Fiction writer and hopes to graduate from short stories to novels after retirement. Sharon loves games of all types and has played table top games with the same people for over 30 years. 

Janeth Harrison


Project Name:  Fantastic Journey

Fantastic Journey is a board game which utilizes a narrative, based on the business of Shell Oil. This game is used as an event during their New Joiners Immersion week. The purpose is:  to review and introduce key information in an engaging format.  The final event of the game: an A/R component, contains a video with music demonstrating our Global Commercial lines of business.  

About Janeth:   Janeth Harrison is a Learning Advisor for Global Commercial, Americas, with Shell Oil. She has a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.S. in Technology, with a strong focus on T&D. In her former role, the team of which she was a Franchise Learning Manager, joined the 2017 Training Top 125 Hall of Fame. During her career at Shell, she also actively participated as a Recruiter, Assessor, Business Team Lead for the PSU Recruiting Team, and received Shell’s Excellence in Recruiting Award. She actively participates in ATD and is the Virtual Program Director for the Houston organization.

Kerstin Oberprieler


Project Name:  Communication in Disability Support Workers

Sharing Places, a not-for-profit disability support provider, is under increasing pressure from lack of funding, resulting in stressed staff who were not communicating well. Now, through a low-tech platform, staff can log communication, share client highlights, ideas, and show appreciation for each other.

About Kerstin:  Kerstin is co-founder and lead gamification designer at PentaQuest. She  is passionate about using gamification to help individuals and organisations achieve their goals.  As a leading gamification and design thinking academic and practitioner, Kerstin is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with gamification, building gamified solutions that are intuitive, highly effective, and engaging.

Michiel van Eunen


Project Name:  Innovate!

A game developed for the Dutch trade association for companies in the construction and infrastructure sector to teach them to make more innovative decisions, thinking out-of-the-box, and making choices outside the traditional paths, based on environmental information and trends.

In the game – Innovate! – teams are building a city using Lego Duplo Models. Every decision has a big impact though…

About Michiel:  Michiel van Eunen is an expert on Game Based learning & Escape Room design. Drawing on experience in education, e-learning, theatre, retail, training, startups, event industry & game industry, Michiel is a Learning Experience Designer at Perf.ormance Solutions. He serves clients worldwide with great gamified learning interventions, ranging from small Escape Rooms to higly immersive ARG's for thousands of workers. 

Teja Kethineni


Project Name:  Margin at Risk

The game starts with the setting of a scene: A leading business' profit margins are vulnerable and teams must make decisions based on individual roles within that business to tighten their supply chain network and ensure they stay competitive in the market. Each player within a team has specific business objectives based on their role's priorities -- which may conflict with other role's priorities. Players learn that success hinges on interdependent decision making and data sharing -- especially when unexpected changes to their network occurs. The team that most effectively collaborates will end up with the best profit margin and will be crowned as the winner!

About Teja:  Learning Experience Product Manager at LLamasoft, Inc.

Jill Fitzpatrick


Project Name:  Cruise Line Challenge (The Game)

Cruise Line Challenge is an engagement building support game for the HA Group intern program. The Game connects the interns to the 3 parts of our intern program:  1) Learning about our business; 2) Participating in workplace activities; and 3) Working on their personal development. The CruiseLine challenge supports our core value of serving our guests, and provides them with an experience like no other intern program; just like our cruises do for our guests. 

About Jill:  As a Lead Specialist in Global Learning & Development for the Holland America Group, Jill works with and oversees  a team of learning & development professionals in designing and delivering innovative, research-based learning for a 50,000+ global workforce. 

Andrea Wright


Project Name:  The Collaboratory

In support of an intentional culture shift supported at our executive level, a need was identified for staff to better understand collaboration and how it is different from teamwork. In this escape room type experience, The Collaboratory, participants learn what distinguishes Collaboration from Teamwork and understand when it is best to use each one in their daily work environment. Working collaboratively through a series of time-bound activities, groups use the solution from each puzzle as the key to solving the next one as the puzzles progressively build and intensify, with the goal to be the first group to solve each puzzle and find the missing beaker. 

About Andrea:  ATraining Specialist for BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.  Andrea has a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Development from the Honors University of Maryland, Baltimore County and has graduate certificates in Distance Learning and Learning Technologies from UMBC.  Andrea is CTT+ certified, is a DDI Certified Facilitator, and an active member of her local ATD chapter. 

Scott Provence


Project Name:  Rule the World: The Game for Writing OKRs

A healthcare startup wanted to roll out a new goal-setting framework for their entire employee population. Having delivered predominantly instructor-led classroom training in the past, they were curious to see if a gamified approach could actually be cheaper to develop and faster to deliver, without sacrificing learner satisfaction, which was already above industry average.

The gamified training, “Rule the World” not only exceeded satisfaction averages, but was built at 57% of the cost and delivered over twice as quickly as its traditional classroom counterpart.

About Scott:  Scott Provence uses story-based training to create engaging content for every level of learning. His print, instructor-led, and web-based curricula have been delivered across the U.S. and Canada. Some of his healthcare programs are required training for all treatment providers in California. Scott received an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Washington, where he was a Nelson Bentley Fellow. His fiction has been published in over twenty literary journals nationwide and earned him a Pushcart Prize nomination. He lives with his wife in Nevada.

Javier Velásquez


Project Name:  Cash Inc.

The initiative’s purpose was to teach the participants, in a real world scenario, how to live a cashless life. It is part of Bancolombia’s desire to have a more digital environment, and they found their own employees were having trouble migrating to a lifestyle less reliant on cash. For this purpose, Javier created an App that was integrated to the bank’s analytics, that would lead the players through a narrative to beat Cash Inc, an anonymous corporation that used cash transactions as a means for evil acts, by being more digital.

About Javier:  The co-founder of Azahar Games and Free to Play, two companies dedicated to the study and creation of games, serious games and gamified projects. Javier developed the BEM gamification framework, which allows him  to think and study game engagement from the perspective of different psychological theories around motivation and learning. 

Amy Morrisey


Project Name:  Tiffany & Co Shoplifting

Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany) needed to train security officers to follow an important process when they suspect someone of shoplifting. The target audience rarely actually encounters a situation that allows them to apprehend a shoplifter, but they must remember and apply Tiffany’s Five Elements of Proof EXACTLY or risk a public relations catastrophe. 

About Amy:  Amy Morrisey is the President of Artisan E-Learning and serves as Sales & Marketing Manager. As President, she stays focused on maintaining the high standards Artisan clients have grown to expect. Before working with Artisan, Amy spent 17 years in corporate training and development predominantly teaching leadership development and coaching teams and executives. She currently serves on the board of ATD Detroit.

GamiCon18 Throw Down Contestant Winners

Overall Outstanding Use of Gamification for Learning


You Can't Gamify That! Gamification Where No One Has Gone Before

Brown University

Professor Jim Egan and Naomi Periseault

Excellence in No-Tech Gamification Design


Hacksagon! Cyber  Security Board  Game

Gamification Nation

An Coppens

Excellence in eLearning or Web-Based Gamification Design


Misadventures in Money Management (MiMM)

Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection

Mechel Glass

Best Use of Narrative


Therapeutic Communication and Mental Health Assessment Video Game Simulation 

Ryerson University, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Centennial College  and George Brown College

Naza Djafarova and Lenora Zefi

Best Use of Surprise and Delight


You Can't Gamify That! Gamification Where No One Has Gone Before

Brown University

Professor Jim Egan and Naomi Periseault