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The Gamification Conference for Learning and Development

Welcome to The 2018 Conference for the Gamification of Learning


GamiCon Throw Down Contestant Winners

Overall Outstanding Use of Gamification for Learning

You Can't Gamify That! Gamification Where No One Has Gone Before

Brown University

Professor Jim Egan and Naomi Periseault

Excellence in No-Tech Gamification Design

Hacksagon! Cyber  Security Board  Game

Gamification Nation

An Coppens

Excellence in eLearning or Web-Based Gamification Design

Misadventures in Money Management (MiMM)

Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection

Mechel Glass

Best Use of Narrative

Therapeutic Communication and Mental Health Assessment Video Game Simulation 

Ryerson University, G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education, Centennial College  and George Brown College

Naza Djafarova and Lenora Zefi

Best Use of Surprise and Delight

You Can't Gamify That! Gamification Where No One Has Gone Before

Brown University

Professor Jim Egan and Naomi Periseault


The GamiCon Gamification Project Throw Down Awards recognize excellence in gamification strategy design and implementation in the L&D, HR, and Adult Education Community. Participants in the Throw Down Challenge showcased their projects to all GamiCon attendees on Sunday, October 7, 2018.

A showcase of low tech, no tech, and technology-based gamification of learning projects with a special focus on not just the projects themselves but also the results they’ve produced. This fun and social event gave GamiCon participants the opportunity to see a variety of projects and talk with the designers and developers, about the strategies, tools, and processes you used to build them.

Winners were selected by a panel of Gamification Master Craftsman who voted on submissions in a variety of categories, and announced on Monday, October 8, 2018 at the Training Magazine OLC Training Test Kitchen Kick Off Event.

All entries were judged on creativity, innovation and overall effective use of gamification in L&D, HR, or Adult Education.

eLearning or Web Based

If you designed a gamification project that uses electronic devices (computers, tablets, or phones) to deliver educational or training content to learners... then we want to hear about your project! 

Low Tech or No Tech

If you designed a low or no tech gamification project that successfully used analog tools such as cookies, stars, stickers, a white board spinner, sticky notes, cards, cut outs, etc. (the list is only limited by creativity) to teach, engage, and measure.... then we want to hear about your project!

Many L&D, HR, and Adult Educators are looking for ways to use gamification to create engaging and more intriguing digital learning experiences. What challenges can you create to keep learners motivated to improve their skills or knowledge? How do you make these challenges achievable or level-based to keep the course relevant and engaging? What if you don't have the resources for high-priced apps or platforms? Can good gamification project design and creativity trump technology?  

Get the recognition you deserve for driving learning and business objectives. Enter your gamification project in the GamiCon 2019 Gamification Throw Down. 

Submission dates coming soon...